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8 precious tips to avoid failure in customized t-s

In designing and printing the t-shirt it is important to pay attention to multiple things because it is a matter of expression and impression as well. The t-shirt printing is a source of communicating brand impression and promotion. If you are new in custom t-shirt printing, then it is important to pay attention to multiple things. Usually, people with limited or no experience can put themselves in serious problems and waste money over poor quality products. It will ruin the impression and instead of delivering the brand expression, it will destroy the overall image. Are you going to design your t-shirt with the customize impression? Or getting the t-shirt printing service? Here are some tips that will help to avoid the failure with the printing and designing of the customized t-shirt printing.

Let’s dig out the tips that will be helpful in the overall printing experience:


Consider The Size:

The first and important aspect of designing the t-shirt for advertising, the size of the shirt. If you are going to print the t-shirt for the marketing and promotional purpose, then it has to be with the standard size. Because too small and large size looks bad and did not go well for everyone. But the standard t-shirt size will perfectly fit almost the majority of the population. So, pay attention to the size selection of the shirt before starting the printing process. 


Placement of Design:

Another bad thing that can ruin your overall t-shirt printing expression is the placement of the design. The professional t-shirt printing services provider will accommodate in this perspective. The center of the shirt considers the best to place the design. Moreover, it is also depending on the size of the design. It is recommended for the design to not go with the broad and big design just to fill the front of the shirt. A smart and elegant design improves the impression and looks elegant after printed over the shirt.   


Selection in a Font Size:

The font size is the visual reflection, if your design includes the written text then you have to more conscious in choosing the text style and size. The arrangement of the text with the right design, font, and style is an art. It is important to pay attention while setting up the text over the shirt for printing. Do not use the single font size as it will not give a striking outlook. You can play with the multiple font style and sizes and make then center align for the impressive look.


Material Composition:

For the online t-shirt printing, the most important aspect or factor to consider a lot is the material of the shirt. T-shirt printing online offers multiple material options like cotton, polyester, and multiple others. Make sure to enquire about the material first and choose the best quality. Because it is not about something to use for a time and then wasted. If the quality of the t-shirt is good the customer will use it in the long run and it helps to build loyalty and relationship of the brand with the potential buyers.


Color Combination:

Choosing a color combination is another important decision that plays an essential role. All you need to be wise in the choice and prefer to pick up the option under your budget. If you go with too many color combinations, then in screen printing it will raise the cost. But if you have a limited budget then it is good to go plain with one or two color choices.


Printing Platform:

Most people do the mistake in choosing the printing platforms. Pay attention in making the best decision because over all t-shirt printing impressions depend on the platform or the service provider you choose for the printing. For appeals printing, screen printing is the most suggested platform for the best outcomes. it will provide more stable and sustainable colors over the fabric. Moreover, the platform decision depends on the material quality you are going to pick up for the t-shirt printing. 


Quality of Prints:

There is another problem that usually comes in the printing of t-shirts, it is design or print quality. Usually, it shows that after the printing pixels destroy the impression and shows a poor quality image. So, keep in mind that before having the print it is good to adjust the pixels and image setting to get the best results. The professionals who are dealing with the printing will better provide the guidance to waste money.


Be Original With Design:

While choosing the design to print over the shirt it is good to be original. Like, do not copy the other or not try to overstuff the material over the t-shirt printing. It is good to keep it simple, elegant, and original. You can hire a designer or design yourself. There is software available that offer multiple specification or feature to design the best quality design.


Final Consideration:

T-shirt printing is a source of marketing and promotion. Moreover, it helps to develop brand recognition in society. Multiple things play important role in the designing and printing phase. To get the best design and print it is important to work over the material quality. Color scheme and design. With high-quality t-shirt printing, you can make your recognition more prominent in the competitive market.

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